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The World of Challe.



Challe is the brainchild of Singapore-based creative duo, who creates aesthetically pleasing photography and videos. Our team focuses on digital content creation, campaigns, creative directing and storytelling. Inquire about our services today.



Rosemarie Yang

Rosemarie is a photographer who specialises in creating stories and content for fashion and beauty brands. Each image photographed seeks to emanate a narrative through a cinematic and editorial approach, whilst keeping in mind clients' interests. Her creative direction and photography acumen are derived from her keen eye for fine details in producing every image captured.   

Ann-Marie Yang

Ann-Marie is a creative director, designer and videographer with a penchant for fashion and beauty content creation. 



CV & Accolades

Featured on Vogue Italia - PhotoVogue, Forgotten Youth (

Featured on Vogue Italia - PhotoVogue, Sweet & Sour ( 

Published in Elegant Magazine - Print, 2018. 

Fashion Films Festival RD 2018 - Official Selection

Chelsea Fashion & Film Festival 2018 - Official Selection

This Bitch Magazine - Online exclusive editorial (

Featured on Vogue Italia - PhotoVogue, Mushili  (

Published in Shuba Magazine - Print, 2018

Published in Obscurae Magazine - Print, 2018. 

Featured on Vogue Italia - PhotoVogue, Daria ( 

ALTFF Summer 2018 Super Short Films - Best Film Winner 

Canon Singapore - The Best Photography Advice You Live By  2018 Feature (

Published in Bring Me Magazine - Print, 2018

Published in Fuzz Magazine Webitorial, 2018 -

Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) 2017 Professional - Honorable Mention (Advertising & Fashion)

Cinemateca Dominicana 2016 - Contention for Best Film

Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) 2016 - Two Honorable Mentions

Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) 2016 - Four Honorable Mentions

Harper's Bazaar Art Prize Online Showcase (Photography) 2015.  

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